Friday, February 5, 2010

Bird Foam Template I Found A Fledgling Bird And It Has An Open Wond, What Should I Do?

I found a fledgling bird and it has an open wond, What should I do? - bird foam template

I give him all ready for some water and bird seed, but you do not know what to do with his court. The bird seems to be a kitten. I also not that clean-cut foam that I am in?


Octopus Hugs said...

I have a brand new, I search for several reasons. He had a wound on his head, and I have a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide 3%, then a few drops on the wound. They begin to bubble, which means that the cut cleaned and killed the germs. Then a few drops of water on the cut and can be twice a day.

cdsgeo2 said...

No, I put anything in this bird.
If there is a cat who is the bird a little sad.
Cat / cat saliva kill all species of birds.

Put the bird in a tree or shrub. Under the assumption that this is a wild bird and not an exotic bird.
This is the best hope was for parents to find.

hollyman... said...

Cats have a lot of bacteria on them. If you have hydrogen peroxide, put some on a damp cloth and put it on the wound. Then you have to go to a vet immediately.

shygirl9... said...

Simply put, stop cold, wet towels on him, and bleeding.

Natty said...

Take him to the vet, he is KNW WHT TSB.

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