Sunday, February 21, 2010

Component Parts Engine What Companies Within 100 Miles Of Crossville TN Can Apply Ceramic Powder Coatings To Engine Parts?

What companies within 100 miles of Crossville TN can apply ceramic powder coatings to engine parts? - component parts engine

Ceramicize Need engine components. Am I doing a reconstruction of a ride and want a layer of powdered refractory cylinder wall, ceramic apply combustion chambers, the connections of the head, cylnder shirts and need some kind of fully stainless steel exhaust system (ie, ceramics. Steel) and stainless steel valves.


tsh_66 said...

I believe that is painting and many shops, the powder body heat. Im not sure though. I never thought to do engine components. Im not sure whether it is feasible for all the mechanical components that you mention, or maybe I'm in the weeds on that point. I would like to consult a business with the local velocity, which can be, if not locally, you can end pieces from powder. This is actually cooked by the parties. I think the whole process a bit surprising.

Confused said...

for powder coating in your area.

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