Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can You Trade Pokemon With A Mac Im Having Alot Of Problems With My Nintendo DS Wireless...Help?

Im having alot of problems with my Nintendo DS wireless...Help? - can you trade pokemon with a mac

I have a Nintendo DS, and I love my game Pokemon Pearl. Recently I learned that you can wirelessly comunticate in the game, and fight and trade with WCN Nintendo (Nintendo Wireless Communications). So I know how, but when you say use the search option of access points, we find that inst Nintendo DS is compatible with the security of wireless networks. So I have a friend who is what and they told me to disable my firewall wireless router ask, I do not know if it's true, but nevertheless, I try to disable my firewall and I can not, because I know how good. . So my question is .. I really need to disable my firewall router? If I do not .. How can I do?

Thank you ...

PS: My phone is an Airport Extreme Mac, and I have a Mac Book.

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