Friday, January 22, 2010

Frameless Glass Shower Stalls Can I Get A Repair On A Frameless Glass Shower Screen?

Can i get a repair on a frameless glass shower screen? - frameless glass shower stalls

The chip is at the top, it has not separated from the rest of the image, and remains soft to the touch, but I am afraid that Splinter over time.
I know I have on the windshield when the chip has been shown outside the stone repair


ludgar9 said...

I saw some examples of breaking glass dipped unexpectedly due to defects such as described by you. Tempered glass shower room, so that in the event that all fragments of small and not fatal. replaced as soon as possible

UVHS said...

Call up a glass as soon as possible. Tempered glass can be when they will decide it explode into a thousand bits per second. Do not wait ... Do it today.

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