Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hair Wax Example Pictures How Can I Transform My Crappy Hair Into Awesome Hair?

How can I transform my crappy hair into awesome hair? - hair wax example pictures

I am a man, and my hair sucks man. It is very thick and stiff. I have a lot of hair, but if the style and wax or gel, I have to do my hair dry.

Here are some photos, if you know what the hell, I try to describe.
^ The two pieces of hair twisted in order to grow faster than others. WTF? ^
Http: / / Side
Http: / / Back

I want to do my hair like the boys in Japan. You know! Only if not, here's an example:
The hair on the dude has entered the first fairly.
I need help, how cool and get all the hair. I wash my hair once a day and use conditioner. Also, dry and comb, I'm not being crazy. Hair must be crazy good.
How long does it takechange my hai r? What products should I use? and so on. = D

Thank you in advance.

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