Friday, January 29, 2010

Guitar Chair Plans I Think I Need To Go To A Psych Ward, How To Tell My Mom?

I think I need to go to a psych ward, how to tell my mom? - guitar chair plans

I was identified with bipolar disorder some time ago and recently (including medicine) I've been going crazy, I was threatened to hurt and kill his sister and my sister near me now, I still see a man and the face thoroughly. I often hear "Katie, help me, help me!" to scream or. And my abusive behavior) (throwing chairs, guitars, and as my sister fear for my family and I have 13, you have to go for a while? I'm out of control and is harder to control myself. So I cut and I hear voices in my head. The last time I cut today morning. And I tried to commit suicide, and I am with thoughts of suicide. I have scary thoughts tourting my teammates and kill them. Do you think that I go? How can my mother? She thinks I'm the right of first suicide attempt, but I see another one.

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