Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear With Neuropathy Comfortable Dress Shoes To Wear With Neuropathy?

Comfortable dress shoes to wear with neuropathy? - what kind of shoes do you wear with neuropathy

Autonomic neuropathy, and I) can not wear shoes with a paragraph about a half hour without nerve pain (muscle pain, most recently the rest of the day and so painful cramps in his legs. I worked for over a year, so I would usually get away with sneakers or sandals, but "dress up" from time to time, without suffering. Is there a comfortable apartment clothing that does not give me leg cramps and pain, and I do not see (or feel) like an "old lady"?


Bozema said...

My feet are in need and the best source I've found is Nordstom, if you have one near you. You can order a large variety and number of options and sizes - the more you and send you free if you do not have your size, in a certain style. Zappos is an online fine, but I would think, unless trying to use his mark before I bought and know what suits.

I learned long ago that the foot problem is to buy good shoes and take over. Cheap shoes are not worth it.

torskie said...

Just wear flats or sandals

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